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But What If You Fly?

I've been really selfish with my words the past few months. I go through seasons where I share of all of my words with the world and seasons where I cling tightly to my words and don't share them with anyone.

A little over a month ago, a dear friend of mine spoke some words that have spoken life into my soul as I walk through this transition season of life.

I was telling this friend that this season of life has been so so hard. That it feels as though I'm walking in a pitch dark forest and at any moment, if I take a step forward I could plummet to my death; ending in failure. And her response was so simple:

"But what if you fly?"

Read that again. Let it sink in. Those 5 words speak so much life and truth. But what if you FLY!? What if life isn't about the fear of stumbling over the edge of a cliff but rather learning to fly?

What if you aren't walking through the dark alone? What if Jesus is right there with you? Leading you. Standing at the edge of the cliff calling out your name. Asking you to follow His voice. Follow Him not with your eyes but with your ears. As He calls to you, and you hear Him, you get to take a step forward. He won't lead you astray. He's calling out directions. "Callie, take one step forward." "Callie, step to the left so you don't hit that tree."

Why does He do that? Because He is FOR us. Yep, you heard me right, God is for us!

So we follow His directions in obedience with the expectation that He will direct us around all of the obstacles in the dark. And when we get to the edge of the cliff, He whispers in our ear, "my sweet child, it's time to fly."

Let Him guide you. Let those 5 words, "but what if you fly," speak life into your soul. Because I promise you, He won't fail you. And you, my friend, WILL fly.


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