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A Letter to All Women & Men Who Love Them

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

As I was creating this updated blog, I went and glanced back at previous blog posts I had written. I found this one from September 2015 and I decided I wanted it to stick around. It spoke to my heart and I hope it speaks to yours too.

Women are inherently insecure. Our culture teaches us to live in our insecurities.

In the past 3 weeks my life has changed drastically. I went from living at home for the summer and working three jobs, to moving back to college, moving in with 9 other women, and starting a full semester of interior design classes. On top of that I lead a women's LifeGroup and mentor a few girls. In these past few weeks I have seen one major common denominator among all the women I've encountered.


EVERY single one is insecure about something. Now, I truly believe that no woman should live in her insecurities and that is what led me to writing this.

To every woman ever born,

You are perfect. Don't let society tell you otherwise. You were crafted as a masterpiece by God himself. He shaped and molded you until you were exactly the way he wanted you to be. No part of you is ugly. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are intelligent. You are funny. You are kind. You are caring. You are strong. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are a daughter of the one true King. You are ENOUGH. You do not have to believe what the world tells you. You do not have to be skinnier or prettier. You don't have to wear all that makeup or dress in the least amount of clothes possible. You do not have to scream for the attention of men. The one and only man who will ever love you with no fault is Jesus and He is ALWAYS pursuing you. He is always there whispering in your ear for you to turn to Him. He wants to envelop you in His love. Believe in yourself! Believe in the love of the Father. Believe in your true beauty and live in the confidence that only the Lord can give you. Live in the confidence that you gain once you truly believe that you are beautiful in the eyes of your creator. YOU are BEAUTIFUL and YOU are a FORCE to be RECKONED with.

And to all the men,

Answer the call to encourage the women in your life. It may not be something that comes easily or naturally, but take the challenge to encourage and love the women in your life. Don't point out the flaws, but rather point out every inch of beauty you see in the women you love. Love them on their best days and on their worst. And don't forget to verbalize your love for them. So often women feel unloved not because your actions don't speak but they crave the sound of your tender words whispering that you love them. Every single beautifully broken part of them. Encourage the confidence in them that only the Lord can give. Point them to the cross. Be the man the Lord has called you to be and lead the women in your life. And in turn, the confident women will love and respect you all the more.

C.S. Lewis once said:

" I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God's thought, and then made by God, is the dearest, grandest, and most precious thing in all thinking."

Read Psalm 139. Now let those words sink in. Pray those words over yourself. Words are power. You have the power to speak life over yourself.

My prayer for each and every woman on this planet is that the Lord would radically change each and every one of our hearts and open our eyes to the beauty that He has created in every single one of us. That we would know His love and that we would be confident in who He has created us to be.

You are LOVED. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are ENOUGH.


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